Financial Planning

financial lanning
TSIMPOGLOU THEOD. & PARTNERS       Thessaloniki, Greece

About the Company

«Financial Planning» is a company active in the financial services (Accounting - Taxation - Investments - Financial Analysis) for more than 30 years, having offered their services to known and unknown companies, all sizes of businesses, from the region of Central Greece to the northern border.

With substantial experience of executive assistants can offer you all the information and contacts you need to drive your company on the path of development, without stress, into the difficult  competitors environment you are involved.

Its success is based, furthermore, in collaboration with longtime executives with special lawyers, notaries, and computer consultants, who cover a wide range of tasks and procedures which ensure, through relations confidence, the quality, safety, speed and peaceful it’s needed for those who involved with the operation of a company.

The aim of the staff is always offering not only high-level knowledge and services, but the immediate response to emergencies, caused by the reality, which sometimes go beyond the formal obligations to you.